Bench top Fume Hood Can Solve A Lot Of Problems That You Will Face With Traditional Ducts

 Bench top Fume Hood Can Solve A Lot Of Problems That You Will Face With Traditional Ducts

Whether you are working in a clean room or a laboratory, one of the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that hazardous substances are effectively filtered and airborne contaminants are kept away from the surroundings. This not only protects personnel but also equipment. If you are looking for a solution to ensure that this can be achieved, then Bench top fume hoods are the ideal choice for you!

A device that filters hazardous chemicals, hazardous vaporous, and other particulate matter without requiring the installation of expensive and heavy-duty ducts are bench top fume hoodsThey require lower maintenance and they are also less expensive compared to traditional ducts that are used for the filtration of air. They are devices that filter vaporous, fumes, airborne particulate matter, and other harmful and toxic substances from the air while eliminating the need for heavy-duty ducts. They are much easier to install and dismantle compared to regular ducts, meaning that they have a higher degree of portability. Benchtop fume hoods are commonly used in laboratory settings, in the manufacture of medicines, in the cosmetics industries, for the development and manufacture of technological equipment’s, as well in the manufacture of paints, glues, solvents, and other chemical substances.

Fume hoods are of two main types. They are either somewhat permanent table-top structures or portable. The version that is tethered to, or hoisted on a bench top is termed as a bench top fume hood.

Bench top fume hoods are usually self-contained, and usually require only a single connecting wire, while performing their purpose of filtering toxic chemicals from the air and the surroundings. They do not require any significant duct work, need much lower maintenance, and do not require installation. They are also environmentally friendly as unclean and untreated air is not discharged back into the environment without filtration. Furthermore, they ensure that various safety regulations and legislation, as well as clean room requirements, are met. Bench top fume hoods are constructed in a manner that provides for maximum visibility and ease of operation for the operator.

Understand The Primary Considerations Before Purchasing A Bench top Fume Hood

Before purchasing a bench top fume hood, there are certain considerations that one must keep in mind to make the choice between different surfaces, sizes, as well as finishes easier. Some of the factors that must be kept in mind are as follows:

1: Material to be filtered and how often filtration is required: although it is true that bench top fume hoods require much less maintenance compared to normal duct based designs, as well as being cheaper, they are not the ideal solution for every occupation or

project. If there is an extremely large amount of filtration required, it may not be economical to invest in a bench top fume hood. However, it is unlikely for most occupations or laboratories (unless one such as a chemical industry) to require that quantum of filtration, making bench top fume hoods an ideal choice. Furthermore, it may so happen that the location of the lab/clean room/project may be placed in such a manner that does not allow for airflow or the placement of ducts – such as in a basement, for instance. In such a scenario, a bench top fume hood is a perfect alternative. Similarly, due consideration must be placed on which type of fumes one plans to process. Based on this, a suitable filter may also be selected.

2: Cost: Cost is also another primary consideration while investing in a bench top fume hood. As discussed earlier, a bench top fume hood is likely to be much less expensive than traditional duct work. Therefore, if your filtration norms meet the ability of a bench top fume hood, there is no better alternative.

3: Space available: another important consideration before the purchase of a bench top fume hood is determining how much space is available in your work space/laboratory. The width, size, frame, etc of the fume hood can be determined based on how many fume hoods you will require, after checking if there is enough space for them along with all of your other equipment.

4: Choosing between the various types of filters: several filters are available to choose from. The most common are as follows:

a: HEPA, with a 99.9% rate of effectiveness.

b: Organic Carbon Filters

c: Acid-Sulfur Carbon Filters

d: Ammonia Carbon Filter

e: Formaldehyde Filter

f: Mixed Bed Carbon Filters

g: Radioisotope Carbon Filters


  • Environmentally friendly:Traditional ducts release unfiltered air directly into the environment without any type of filtration process. However, with a ductless fume hood, the environmental impact is significantly reduced as the air that is released is filtered. This ensures that “bad” air or untreated air is not released directly into the environment without first ridding them of their harmful substances. This is not only environmentally friendly but also the most ethical option.

All of these factors make a bench top fume hood the most ideal solution for your projects!




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