Does Ac Heating And Cooling Service Have Any Effect On Corona virus?

 Does Ac Heating And Cooling Service Have Any Effect On Corona virus?

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As the Corona virus has taken a stronghold over the world; various kinds of information are circling. Many of these are true but a lot of it is based on assumptions and myths. One of such reports that are in motion is that the air conditioning system is a way that COVID-19 is spreading.

How does the Corona virus Spread?

Scientists all around the world agree upon the various ways by which this virus is spreading. The COVID-19is present in the particles when the affected person sneezes or coughs. The virus can travel to more than 3 feet. Also when the affected person shakes hands with other persons.

What to do to stop the Spread?

The World Health Organization has suggested some ways to reduce the spread of the virus. Wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds. A safe distance of 1 meter between people is a must. Cleaning of various items especially ac heating and cooling service in the house and commercial building is vital.

Can it spread through the Air Conditioning system?

There is no solid proof that the air conditioning systems are the cause of the spread of the COVID-19. The latest air conditioning systems are equipped with filters that are able to stop various viruses and bacteria. So there is no evidence of spreading of this virus through the AC system.

What ac heating and cooling service should consider?

The best thing to do to avoid the potential spread is to keep everything clean and disinfected. This is an important thing for the air conditioner because a dirty machine is the cause of many other illnesses. The home a/c repair near me must consider the following factors when cleaning air conditioners.

The size of the air conditioning unit

Various buildings have ac systems of different sizes. This depends upon the property like the house or other commercial buildings in which the system is installed. If the house is small and has 2 or 3 machines;2 employees can easily clean it. But when cleaning in a commercial area; more people are required for cleaning.

Potential the heating and cooling system has

In a single building there can be various kinds of heating and cooling systems. These can include the heat pumps, split system, centrally air-conditioned and mini-split with a ductless system. All these have different techniques for cleaning; so the cleaning services like Wayne Heating and Air should inform the employees about it.

The system of usage of air

There are basically two ways by which the air is used in these systems. In the first; the air is sucked in from the outside and filtered. The second one is that rotates the existing air inside the room which is a reason of Corona virus increase.

The procedure of Air Conditioner Cleaning

The air conditioning services have to follow a certain procedure to clean the air conditioner. The staff and employees have to wear protective gear to keep themselves safe from the dust and other viruses. The right procedure for cleaning the air conditioning as follows.

A thorough inspection of the system

Initially the cooling and heating system has to be inspected. There are different ways by which the various systems are cleaned. An inspection team checks the system and then plan for the tools and materials accordingly.

Availability of proper tools and materials

There are some specific tools and materials that are used to clean and disinfect the air conditioning system.The toolbox must have various kinds of screwdrivers, leather gloves, cleaning combs, rags, vacuum cleaner, A/C cleaners, motor oils and other household cleaners.

Removing the Filters

With the help of a screwdriver remove the outer filters of the AC. This should be done carefully so that the machinery is not damaged from the inside. At times the filters are just fixed without any screws or bolts.

Take off the mainframe

Next the outer frame of the AC is taken off; so that the cleaning of the system can be done thoroughly. It has to be remembered that no force has to be applied to pull out the mainframe.

Brush the dust off from the system

Using a brush and vacuum cleaner; dust off the dirt from the air conditioner. A paintbrush with soft bristles must be used so that no damage to the appliance is done.

Apply cleaning solution

There are various cleaning solutions available in the market that are approved by the CDC; to help in cleaning. These cleaning items are applied on the AC and left to be settled.

Steam dry the area

After the steam is given on to the applied cleaner. This cleans the whole machinery as the steam of 150 degrees wipes off most of the bacteria and viruses.

Disinfect the whole air conditioning system

A disinfecting solution is sprayed on the machine and the filters. This eliminates any more chances of Corona virus spread.

Checking of the system

At the end of cleaning of ac heating and cooling service; the AC or other systems are checked for the level of purity. When the level is met then the employees can leave in satisfaction.

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