How to make money with blog

 How to make money with blog


It is a trend that more and more bloggers are creating their own digital products to make money from blogging.

A digital product can range from a simple eBook to an extensive membership website with a training program via videos.

I would also like to create my own digital product in the future. For the time being I have not yet found the time to put my own product together.

I hear from other bloggers that it feels great when a product that you have created yourself successfully sells and really helps your customers.

This is very satisfying. It is a sign that your blog visitors trust you and are willing to pay money for the knowledge you have put into a product.

What are the pros and cons of selling your own digital product?


You are in control of every aspect of the product you sell

You decide what your course is about, for how much you want to sell the digital product when you want to sell it … you have control over everything.

You can use your knowledge and expertise

If you have a successful blog, you know a lot about a particular niche.

By making a digital product (such as an eBook) you can go deeper into this knowledge and teach your customers even more than just on your blog.

If you make money by freelancing (more on this later in this article), you can also teach others how to make money in the same way.

You can charge a high price for your digital product

If you know what you are talking about and the readers of your blog trust you, you can ask a nice price for your knowledge.

The price of digital products varies widely. The price of an eBook can vary from anything from 7 euros to 47 euros. A video course easily costs more and can go up to several hundred euros. The best internet marketers even sell digital products for several thousand euros.

To sell as much as possible, you need to find a price that strikes the right balance between the value of the knowledge contained in the product and a price that is competitive enough for many people to purchase the product.


It takes time to earn your reader’s trust

It takes time to build enough trust with your readers before they will be willing to pay 50 euros or more for your digital product.

I also recommend that you give the first product you create (or the first version of it) to your readers for free to give them an idea of   what to expect from you before asking them for money.

That way you can also collect very valuable feedback to improve your product before you put it up for sale.

Your reputation is at stake

If your buyers don’t like your digital product and give negative reviews, it can really damage your brand.

The bottom line is not to damage the buyer’s confidence by giving value for money.

You need to ensure that your digital product is valuable so that your reputation for which you have struggled to build them remains intact.

It also means keeping the promises you make in your marketing texts.

You need a mailing list

Whether you want to create and sell your own digital product or not, a mailing list is extremely important for every blogger.

Via email marketing you can speak to your target group in a more personal way so that you can build the necessary confidence to earn money with blogging.

It takes time to create and keep a digital product up to date

It can take months to create your own digital product. Launching your product is also a labor-intensive period.

You can make a lot of money with your own digital product, but it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make it a success.

On the other hand, once you have created your digital product, you can sell the product to as many customers as possible without having to make an extra effort to make more products.

The product is digital and you can, therefore, sell it several times.



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