Which is the Best Business Analyst Certification PMI-PBA or CBAP

 Which is the Best Business Analyst Certification PMI-PBA or CBAP

Businesses today are growing at lightning speed and they expect nothing but the best from their employees. Business analysts are an integral part of any business or organisation. They help bridge the communication gap between different parties of that particular business. A CBAP or PMI-PBA certification helps business analysts to stay up-to-date with new tools and techniques of the business world. These certifications help business analysts to stay one step ahead and have a greater chance to get better jobs.

Below are mentioned the pros and cons of each certification:

  1. CBAP: The CBAP certification trains business analysts to deal with challenging projects, anticipate and manage business requirements and achieve the desired business results. Business analysts can choose between ECBA or CCBA depending on their field of career. Whereas CBAP is the highest level for business analysts who possess 5 years or more of work experience.
  • Requirements: To appear for the CBAP certificate examination, candidates must have 7,500 hours of work experience as a business analyst spanning over a period of 10 years. 4 out of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas must be accomplished with 900 hours of experience and 3,500 must be dedicated to this out of the 7,500 hours.


  • Cost: Candidates can choose to become members and receive added benefits. Membership fee and examination fee is 6,441 INR and 24, 629 INR respectively. Examination fee for non-members is 34,103 INR and application fee for all is 9,472 INR. This may seem like a huge expense, but the future of your career, in the long run, would be safe and secure.


  • Pros: The CBAP certification is accredited by the International Institute of Business Analysis. This certification empowers business analysts and gives them the confidence to lead with exceptional skills. Strategic planning, systematic documentation and proactive solution are some of the many skills ingrained in business analysts through the CBAP certification


  • Cons: Candidates must be completely dedicated to preparing for the CBAP certificate examination. The examination comprises scenario-based questions which require prior skill and experience. To successfully clear the examination candidates must score between 75-80%. Only candidates with relevant experience can appear for the CBAP examination.


  1. PMI-PBA: Candidates appearing for the PMI-PBA certification exam will be tested on solution evaluation, life cycle management, BA planning and monitoring, strategy analysis and many other such topics. This certification applies to business analysts who manage projects and project managers. Their focus is to achieve the desired results or products and increase the involvement of each team for the success and completion of the project.


  • Requirements: To appear for the PMI-PBA certification exam candidates must complete a total of 35 contact hours of the business analysis education. They must also possess 5 years or 7,500 hours of business analysis work experience. For candidates who do not possess these requirements, must have 4,500 hours of business analysis work experience and a bachelor’s degree.


  • Cost: The examination fees for members is 30,652 INR and examination fees for non-members is 42,004 INR. Candidates can become a member by paying a fee of 10,520 INR and avail many other benefits. These prices may seem a large amount for just one certification but they definitely boost your career and put you one step ahead of others.


  • Pros: Candidates who prepare for the PMI-PBA examination are prepared for skills like evaluation, planning, analysis, monitoring, etc. This certification trains you to work with stakeholders, achieve set goals and work in a highly competitive environment. Candidates are recognised not only for managing projects but also for their organisational skills and abilities.


  • Cons: Candidates must possess prior work experience as a project manager. A bachelor’s degree is relevant and experience cannot be provided. Undivided attention and commitment is required to prepare and excel in this examination.



PMI-PBA is accredited by the Project Management Institute and CBAP is accredited by the International Institute of Business Analysis. Both institutions are recognised around the world and hold great prestige in the business world. Candidates can choose either one of these certifications based on their field of expertise. These certifications help candidates to boost their career and gain maximum benefits from their jobs.

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