Why UX/UI is important for websites?

 Why UX/UI is important for websites?

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Understanding the feedback of the user is important for a designer because it can bring valuable suggestions for future improvements to an existing design.

Some dedicated individuals keep checking the feedback of users and process their feedback in a proper way to design the user experience (UX) and user interface(UI) guidelines.

This why UI and UX are important for a graphics designer. This article explains why user experience and user interface are important for websites.

Continue reading if you are a graphics designer and you want to make creative designs.


Background Of Tech Design

Back in the days, there were not too many websites on the internet and the expectations of the internet users were not high in terms of design and functions.

Today, there are more than 200 million active websites and the choice of internet users has become sophisticated. To know what is in the mind of users, design enthusiasts try to study ongoing trends.

For example, a bank would like to know how good the experience of a user was after visiting that bank’s website. If they manage to make the design as per the expectations of the user, they will be able to attract more users and their users will spend more time on their website.

In the early days of websites and software, the concept of Graphical User Interface (GUI) was popularized by people who cared about the attractiveness of applications and websites.


Understanding UI and UX

Visual aspects of a website are studied in UI or user interface. UI revolves around the design of a program where experts decide how the information will be arranged and how users will interact with it.

The experience of the users is studied in UX or user experience. This area of study also finds out how a user will transit from point A to point B while navigating through a website. Both UX and UI are crucial.


Which is More Important: UX or UI?

So both concepts are different but some similarities do exist. It is also true that both areas are vital for website and software development. UI and UX play an important role in design improvement.

Both areas can work hand in hand because they are not alternative to each other. A website may lean towards one of the following scenarios:

  • If a website wants to improve visuals to make website visitors stick to it, UI and UX can help.
  • If a website has a high bounce rate due to poor appearance or navigation, UX and UI can help.


Quick Fixes for Improved UI &UX

The web design needs of the customer should be identified first to define the scope of the project. You may already know that responsiveness of a website can bring many benefits because mobile devices have become common these days. This concept tells us how important role UX and UL can play.

Page load speed is idolized on the internet these days.The websites that load in 1 second are considered as very fast. If your website takes long to load, most visitors will leave and go to another website. By running UX and UI tests, important insights can be gathered to speed up a website.


Aligning UX & UI: The Bottom Line

It is important to admit that both concepts are important to consider whenever there is a need to come up with an innovative, engaging, and creative design for a program.

You have read the importance of user experience and user interface in the development world. In the end, we can say that both UI and UX are important to make a creative and engaging design.

If you want to get a wonderful design that can attract your customers, you should contact different web design services and shortlist the web development agency that suits your unique needs.

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